Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Can See Straight

For about a year now, my left eye has been very sad. It looks like I have pinkeye, but I don't. Not my optometrist, nor my doctor has been able to figure out how to make the redness go away. We've tried a few things. Today I saw a new guy - the opthamologist. He has a hunch and I have some new eyedrops. AND, I can't wear my contact lenses. Until further notice.

I've been wearing contact lenses since I was 15 years-old and I received my very first eyeglass prescription. I'm a little disgruntled. I can't see as well with my glasses and I run into things. Okay, so I run into things with or without my glasses, but I do see better wearing contacts. I told my mom I wasn't sure how I could do art wearing glasses (I admit, that was just a little dramatic...). She laughed and said, "I can only do art wearing glasses." Moms are funny.

Me, in glasses.
I know wearing glasses is not a big deal. My dad wore glasses. My in-laws wear glasses. My ten year-old son wears glasses and he doesn't complain. A lot of people wear glasses. I just need to get used to them. Maybe I'll never wear contact lenses again? The thing is, I was already feeling overwhelmed in my life.

I'm taking two amazing on-line classes and learning so much that my head is spinning most of the time. As of last night, I think I spent about 24 hours looking for the "perfect" blog background. It may have been a delay tactic on my part (delay making dinner, delay folding laundry, delay putting the kids to bed...), but I really wanted to spruce up my "kitchen table." That's what we call our blogs in my over the top filled with amazingness Flying Lessons class with Kelly Rae Roberts. I want people to feel welcome here at Heart Connected, so creating the right ambiance is very important to me. I found this one first (the one you see here on the blog), compliments of Shabby Blogs, and liked it right away, but that didn't stop me from continuing the search. It sort-of feels like it was made for me.

Okay, so then I've got my mom gig. I think I just this week finished completing and returning all the back to school paperwork. And, I'm getting ready to start teaching Zentangle®. YAY! It's all good, but it can be a lot sometimes. Simply having to take care of myself seemed to be getting in the way today.

As I left the opthamologist, feeling a little blue, I thought about all the people who receive serious life-changing diagnoses each day. I know life is like that - it can, and it does, change in an instant. I am grateful that for today, I left the opthamologist with just some eyedrops. 

I have also proven to myself that I can do art in glasses! Here is something I've been working on...

I love playing with the funky flower techniques I learned in Brave Girl Art School

Here's a side view:

It's all crackly and cool. I love the way the sides turned out! 

These particular flowers are especially meaningful to me, but I can't quite figure out how to articulate that meaning...Perhaps that will come in a future post.

So, the only real problem I've had with my glasses today is that they fogged up at the bus stop. That's what happens when you sweat while blow drying your hair, then go to the bus stop in 31 degree weather. I'm sure a wearing glasses learning curve can be expected. And, that's what I get for blow drying my hair!

That is all from me today, your Heart Connected, Grateful Artist in Glasses. 

Sending love... xoxo


  1. Oh are cUte in glasses! And I am so very happy it's eye drops and glasses for could be so much worse. Love your funky flowers. Are you using modeling paste or joint compound. I'm going through my paste rather quickly these days. Do you paint it after it's dry or mix it before laying it out? Can't wait to hear! *hugs*

  2. Thanks Michelle!! I am using a less expensive modeling paste - it's by Artist's Loft. I found a little tube of it at Michael's and I really like it. I mix the paint with the paste before I use it. I need to try it the other way too. What about you?

  3. Hi Anna, I'm a fellow Flyer. I love your funky flowers! I'm also a Brave Girl, but not undertaking Art School, only Soul Restoration classes.
    I hope your eye gets better soon. As a fellow spectacle wearer, I can honestly say your frames are very cool indeed : D

  4. Beautiful! Glasses are cool! I don't know if you can find a lactating Mom but breast milk cures all eye problems. It's antibacterial good luck!
    Your fellow flyer, Chandra

  5. YIKES Girl! If not for people wearing glasses, I would have been raised in a cardboard box (as most of my family are opticians)! They look great, and I would keep wearing them if I were you. I get so excited when my hubby has contact issues and wears his glasses for a couple of days. Glasses are COOL! Miss you...hugs!

  6. Oh Anna--are you kidding me!!! The same thing happened to me yesterday! I was told I had to wear my glasses too as I had developed some "allergy" to my contacts. I too, have been wearing contacts since way back--8th grade. I keep walking into things too!

    You ALWAYS look beautiful and I love the glasses. I'm told that glasses are cool now--not like when we were kids. So let's raise our glasses together and wear them with pride!

    Your flowers are AWESOME! So much depth in them. Especially like the words you added to go along with them :)

  7. Hi Anna, just joined your FB page and took a look at your blog and writing... awesome. Love your art work, oh my gosh it's so pretty... love the colours. I'm also a fellow flyer with you in that class. Hope to see more of your great work. :)